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Milly Taiden
Striping Out
Latin Goddess Press, Inc.
February 26, 2023
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Dahlia Monroe ran for her life with help from her friends. Now hiding in Full Moon Bay, she’s making a new start, with her first job being to expand Midnight Mates Club. She’s diving into the project and will not be distracted by a handsome shifter. No matter how many dirty thoughts she has, the hot tiger is off limits.

Tiger shifter Rafferty McGee is a busy man. Being the project manager over the club’s expansion is a big job. It’s his chance to prove to everyone that he’s not just a pretty face. When a beautiful but bullheaded woman walks in with blueprints in hand, he’s in trouble. It’s his mate.

When she tells him she will never date a shifter again, Raff knows he’s got big problems. He needs to help his mate get past her hate of shifters to have a chance at love. But ensuring her safe is hard to do when her past remains very much alive.

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