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Milly Taiden
The Howl Day
Latin Goddess Press, Inc.
May 18, 2023
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He picked up the scent. Mate.


He growled. The sound made him tremble with equal amounts of excitement and fear. When he glanced ahead of him, he saw her.

She was stunning. All curves, blonde hair, and red lips. Mine. All mine.

The wolf inside him growled so loudly that Blaze shook. But he kept his cool. He stared at her with every step she took into the club, his fingers begging him to touch her.

Now they were in Midnight Mates, and Leo, the club’s manager, came up beside him.

“Security says you brought a date?” Leo asked him, his voice incredibly chipper.

“Not exactly.” He turned to go to the bar. “She’s here for you more than me.”

No. She’s mine. Only mine. Don’t forget it. Every step he took away from her made the animal fight for control. He didn’t like it.

And Blaze liked it even less.

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