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Milly Taiden
The Beasts I Could Do
Latin Goddess Press, Inc.
March 17, 2022
ISBN-13: 9798427501620
ISBN-10: 8427501625

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Rayna Westlake works on her family farm while caring for her aging parents and younger siblings. She longs for romance and forever happiness. She never expected a chance discussion with Gerri Wilder would lead to meeting the two sexiest men of her life. The hunks have her body in flames.

Alpha wolf Pacer Collins and his Beta, Spike Renner, need their third to complete their Alpha Triad and bring peace to their wolf pack. Luckily, Gerri Wilder has agreed to help. Unfortunately, the lovely Rayna needs more than a little convincing. They’ll have to romance her and show her exactly what they have to offer. But they’re not willing to give up when her curves makes them thirsty to touch every inch of her.

Things are not as simple as just getting a lioness to take two wolves for mates. Even if she accepts, will their wolf pack accept a lioness in the alpha triad? Or will a pack war stop any chance they ever had of a happily ever after?

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