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Guest Post: Assassin Mine

Guest Post: Cynthia Sax and Assassin Mine

Today I have the fantastic Cynthia Sax visiting. She’s got a great love … Read the rest »

Mr. Buff Cover Reveal

Here’s the new cover for my next book!!!! It’s under my second name: April Angel. This story is awesome! A … Read the rest »

Some Men Look Good No Matter Their Age…







Today I want to talk about aging and men. Some men age so beautifully … Read the rest »

Darkness Shared

Join Me…

Let me lick a trail from your sexy mouth down your jaw to your chest. Let me flick … Read the rest »

Aries Revealed by Mina Carter

What can I say…Do you love cyborgs? How about HOT STRIPPERS that look like Channing Tatum? Or maybe just a Read the rest »


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