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Milly Taiden

Darkness Shared

Join Me…

Let me lick a trail from your sexy mouth down your jaw to your chest. Let me flick my tongue on your nipple and make you groan. Let my nails rake down your chest and imprint what’s mine. Let my body rub over yours in preparation for our mating. Let’s strip. Of our clothes, our inhibitions and any masks we show the world. Let’s be ourselves with each other. The real you, the real me. Let’s allow our connection to expand until we are bound by more than our bodies. Kiss me. Own me. I’m yours. For every swipe of your tongue is a brand stating your possesion of my body, my mind, my soul. Make love to me. Rock my foundation until it crumbles and I am forced to rebuild with your help. Make it so that the new me is stronger because you’re a part of me. Help me do the same for you. Allow me to release you from your dark prison. But don’t worry, I will leash you if I have to. Give me the chance to care for your lonely soul. Believe that we can make something new, beautiful, amazing- together. The world is at our feet and our bodies our vessels to create new hope. Surprise me, open your heart and allow me to fill it with my essence. It’s only fair. You’ve filled my emptiness with hope. Hope that together we can be invincible in the fight against the void. I am yours, no other can own what’s already taken. And when it’s all said and done…we are one and the same. Others cannot breathe our air, understand our plight or survive our differences. We are the ones who reach out and grasp at the darkness with both hands. We own the night…

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