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Scent of a Mate Release Party – WINNERS

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Want to know who won at the pre-party and the release party games? Winners listed below in order of game played and prize to be awarded!

***Party is September 27-29 PRE-PARTY begins Sept 20th***



Having problems with the form? Email smexyfabfour@gmail.com with Scent of a Mate Party Winner in the subject line.

YOU HAVE 48 HRs AFTER THE PARTY IS OVER TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE or your prize is FORFEITED and a new winner will be selected.

 ***PRE-PARTY, and GRAND PRIZES do not count toward your 3 game wins***


Game # & (Description)

Host Prize


 Pre-party #0 Cover Contest  Milly  $50 Amazon.com GC  Zita Martin
 Pre-party #1 (GR#1)  Milly  Ultimate Swag Pack Erika Lang
 Pre-party #2 (like Ally Shields)  Iris  Nerd Accessories Keychain  Jerri Mooring
 Pre-party #3 (like Ally Shields)  Iris  Jen James Book thong  Cindy Mucha Barton
 Pre-party #4 (like N. Kuhn)  Iris  Nerd Accessories Keychain  Debbie Collins
 Pre-party #5 (like Kitty Bush)  Iris  Jen James Book thong  Debbie Sarceni
 Pre-party #6 (like L.P. Dover)  Iris  Stone Soup Keychain  Denise Fackler Van Plew
 Pre-party #7 (like Selena Illyria)  Iris  Scent Mousepad  Tonya Rupell
 Pre-party #8 (like Jaime Saare) Iris  Jen James Book thong  Eva Millien
 Pre-party #9 (like Tara Lain) Iris  Nerd Accessories Keychain  Christine Domingue LaCombe
 Pre-Party #9.5 GR #2  Iris  TBA
 Pre-Party #10 (RULES)  Milly  Stone Soup Pendant  Steph Brentson
Game #1  Barbie  Stone Soup Keychain  Marlena Fein
 Game #2  Barbie  Jen James Book thong  Desiree Smith-Adams
 Game #3  Barbie  Set of Kitty Bush ebooks  Kristin Marie
 Game #4  Sheri  Stone Soup Wolf Key Pendant  Teracia Loretan
Game #5 Sheri  Signed Print book! Awakening the fire by Ally Shields  Heather MacNaughton
 Game #6  Sheri  Ultimate Swag Pack  Theresa Esterline
 Game #7  Jen  Signed Print book! Parlor Tricks by N. Kuhn  Kimberly Talbot
 Game #8  Jen Nerd Accessories Keychain  Sue Ellen Robertson
 Game #9  Jen Stone Soup Bookmark  Jill Prandstratter
 Game #10  Iris  Wolf Fever Signed Print book by Milly Taiden  Kimberly Talbot
 Game #11  Iris  Stone Soup Pendant  Lisa High
 Game #12  Iris  Scent of a mate TOTE  Tanya Conaway
 Flash Giveaway #12.5  Iris  SIGNED COPY – Scent of a Mate by Milly Taiden  Barbara Burdette
 Game #13  Iris  Nerd Accessories Keychain  Jennifer SapaJackie Nicholson
 Game #14  Iris  Signed Print Book! Halloween Heat Menage by various authors signed by Selena Illyria  Kristin Marie
 Game #15  Iris  Mousepad  Risha Crider
 Game #16  Sheri  Super Swag Pack  Tanya Conaway
 Game #17  Sheri  Signed Print book! Genetic Celebrity by Tara Lain  Kimberly Talbot 3rd and final game win
 Game #18  Sheri  Stone Soup Pendant  Sara Cummings Bunch
 Game #19 Jen  Nerd Accessories Purse Charm  Iris Pross
 Game #20  Jen  Signed Print Book! Omega Mine by Aline Hunter  Jill Prandstatter
 Game #21 Jen  Scent of a Mate TOTE  Amy Hart
Flash Giveaway #21.5  Iris  SIGNED PRINT – Wolf Fever by Milly Taiden  LaGina Hagerman Reese
 Game #22  Sheri  Stone Soup Bookmark  Barbara Burdette
 Game #23  Sheri Signed Print book! Wolf Protector by Milly Taiden  Barbara Burdette *3rd and final win
 Game #24  Sheri  JJ Book Thong  Risha Crider
 Game #25  Iris  Ultimate Swag Pack  Jessica Parsons
 Game #26  Iris  Mousepad  Heather Langley
 Game #27  Iris  Wine CharmsJJ Book Thong  Tina HeardCrystal Newman
 Game #28 Barb Stone Soup Pendant  Iris Pross
 Game #29 Barb  SIGNED PRINT – Copy of Scent of a Mate  Iris Pross
 Game #30 Barb  Nerd Accessories Keychain  Jennifer Sapa
 Game #31  Jen  ebook set: Club Duo by Kitty Bush  Crystal Newman
 Game #32  Jen  Jen James Book Thong  Jennifer Sapa
 Game #33  Jen  Scent of a Mate TOTEScent of a Mate TOTE  DeAnna KnopeTeracia Loretan
 Game #34  Iris  Ultimate Swag Pack  Kelly Erickson
 Game #35  Iris  Stone Soup Design Pendant  Kristin Marie 3rd and Final win
 Game #36  Sheri  Mousepad  S’tephanie Mae
 Game #37  Sheri  Nerd Accessories Keychain  Risha Crider 3rd and final win
 Game #38  Sheri  Scent of a Mate TOTE  Nicole Kuhn
 Game #39  Jen  Jen James Bookthong  Tina Hammond
 Game #40  Jen Stone Soup Bookmark  DeAnna Knope
 Game #41  Jen  Nerd Accessories Bracelet  Sheri Spell
 Game #42 (Favorite Shifter)  Iris  Backlist book  Chelsea Rafferty
 Game #44 (Wolf Protector)  Iris  Backlist book  Tonya Rupell
 Game #45 (Know Milly)  Iris  Backlist book  Andrea Figard
 Secondary Winner  Milly  ebook set of Club Duo by Kitty Bush  Risha Crider
Cindy Mucha Barton
DeAnna Knope
Sanita Smith
Valerie Wood-Watkins
Gayle Latreille
Teracia Loretan
 Book Order  Milly  Stone Soup Pendant  Corey Wisniewski
 3rd Grand Prize  Milly  Mousepad
Stone Soup Key Pendant
Jen James Bookthong
Nerd Accessories Bracelet
Nerd Accessories Keychain
ebook set Club Duo by Kitty Bush
Signed Print Wolf Fever by Milly Taiden
$10 Amazon (or BN) GC
 Zee Hayat
 2nd Grand Prize  Milly  Ultimate Swag Pack
Stone Soup Key Pendant
Jen James Bookthong
Jen James Bracelet
Nerd Accessories Keychain
Nerd Accessories Purse Charm
ebook set Club Duo by Kitty Bush
Signed Print of the April Angel Collection by Milly Taiden
Signed Print of Wolf Protector by Milly Taiden
$15 Amazon (or BN) GC
 Barbara Burdette
 1st Grand Prize  Milly  A Scent of a Mate Tote Bag
Ultimate Swag Pack
Mouse pad
Jen James Bookthong
Stone Soup Pendant
Nerd Accessories Bookmark set
Nerd Accessories Bracelet
Wine Charms Set
ebook set – Club Duo by Kitty Bush
Signed Print Wolf Fever by Milly Taiden
Signed Print Halloween Heat III by Milly and various authors
$25 Amazon (or B&N) GC
 Shadow Kohler


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