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Milly Taiden

Welcome to the world of the Warwick dragons!
Taming London

Taming London

The Warwick Dragons, Book 1

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London Warwick, dragon shifter and millionaire playboy, has been living a life of debauchery. He has no plans of changing his ways. Not even when his mother, a force of nature, decides he needs to revamp his image before he finds his mate. London has no plans on making things easy for the public relations wiz his mom hired to clean up his image. Not even if she’s his mate.

Bethany Russo has been crushing on London Warwick for way too long. But she is a professional with a PR nightmare to fix. She vows to put her hormones on lockdown. She is a professional, and she refuses to be another one of London’s conquests. Even if he is the walking definition of sexy male shifter.

The sparks between the pair are way too hard to handle. Stolen kisses collided with hidden secrets. It seems that every time Bethany opens her heart to London, something goes wrong. But can a cold case murder and an international hitman really stand in the way of destined mates?

Reader’s Note: Welcome to the world of the powerful Warwick family. These womanizing dragons are about to meet their matches.

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