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Milly Taiden

The Warrior King is LIVE!
Warriror King

Warrior King

The Crystal Kingdom: New Worlds
(The Crystal Kingdom, Book 6)

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Lilah McClure may be mouthy, bossy, and overly bold, but she knows what’s fair and hates injustice of any kind. When she and her cousins are captured by the mountain fae, she learns they’re living in the freakin’ stone age. Equality between genders? Nope, not even as a joke. The female fae need a champion to stand up for them against their king, show them how their lives should be free from oppression. Lilah is more than willing to take on that job. There’s just one big, sexy, problem. Ferrus.

Ferrus sees no issues with how things have been for centuries. His beautiful, strong, independent woman is making him question the norms and traditions he’s known all his life and wonder if maybe their society is in need of an update. He isn’t sure what to believe, but he’s fallen for this strange little human, so he’ll do his best to keep her from being thrown into the dungeon, or eaten by wild forest creatures.

Lilah has to negotiate with a cold-hearted king for the future freedom of generations of females and show the fae she loves that his ways are barbaric and must change. We can’t forget that some guy wielding dark magic is after her and her cousins, wanting his own revenge on the Crystal Kingdom.

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