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Milly Taiden

Got a Halloween surprise for you guys!!
That Girl is Poison

OUT NOW: That Girl is Poison

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A HOT Standalone

Dr. Mara Maxwell is having a crappy day. She’s covering an extra shift at the hospital, it’s a full moon bringing out all the crazies, and the senior doctor is mysteriously sneaking out with medical supplies. Too curious for her own good, she follows the doctor to the hospital’s basement. Waking in a cage wasn’t in her plans, but that’s not the worst part. Now she’s…growling.

Xeon Pearse, alpha wolf for the Lumberton pack, is trying to find his missing sister and pack mates. When he gets a phone call from a stranger who tells him she knows where his wolves are, he and his beta Kyro jump into action. The instant Xeon and Mara meet, he knows she’s meant for him. But Kyro’s certain she’s meant for him too.

Together, during the day, the trio hunts down the monster playing Frankenstein to find out what he did to Mara. At night though, she’s dealing with two men loving her and multiple forces trying to take over her mind. It will take both alpha and beta to save their mate from herself. But they’ll need Mara to help control the monsters before they destroy everything in their path, including her.

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