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Milly Taiden

OUT NOW: Grumpy Dragon Daddy: A Rejected Mates Paranormal Romance

Grumpy Dragon Daddy


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***Standalone Romance***

Tyla Cutter is so close to becoming a hunter she can taste it. Her skills are unmatched. Nobody’s as good as she is. But to get her recognition, she needs to kill a dragon. On her own. Her life’s turned upside down when killing this particular dragon becomes impossible. Oh, she’s tried. But she’s strangely attracted to him. Kill him? No. Kiss him? Yes.

Ancient Dragon Andorax wants Tyla. Originally, he wanted her dead. Now he just wants her clothes off. She’s his fated mate and nothing will change that. Not the fact she wants to hunt him down and definitely not the fact she’s gorgeous in her hunting gear. Once he gets her pregnant with his child, all bets are off.

Tyla’s in deep trouble. She’s torn between family loyalty and the love of her life. It’s time to choose between war and peace. Time’s running out. Will it be the family she wants for herself or the one expecting her to become their prized hunter. Can Tyla and Andorax find their way to a happy ending? Or will their love doom not just themselves but both their clans to destruction?

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