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Milly Taiden

Surprise! Tempted by the Alien Dragon is now available!

Tempted by the Alien Dragon


Sci-Fi Alien Dragon Series, Book 2

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Standalone Romance

Therias, a prime Stalker, is dispatched to bring back a missing alien. On his way, his shuttle is threatened by intergalactic bounty hunter Cynthie. He manages to disable her craft, only to discover that other bounties are already on board. Cynthie makes him crazy and he shouldn’t want her but he does. Too bad she’s his prisoner now.

Cynthie can’t believe Therias has taken her hostage. On top of that, he needs her help with a runaway child on his ship. If only she wasnโ€™t so attracted to him, it would be easier to tell him to kiss her backside. But with the looks he gives her, he might enjoy it. Andโ€ฆshe might too.

By the time they reach the missing alien and his mate, theyโ€™ve managed to create a family unit. A sadistic warlord wants the child back. Itโ€™s time for Rulik to fight for the family heโ€™s come to love. But can he convince Cynthie to give their love a chance or will it all turn into space dust?

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