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Milly Taiden

Throw in the Growl is live! A whole new world of PDA is awaiting you!
Throw in the Growl


Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 31

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***Standalone Romance***

Success was within Anna Sullivanโ€™s grasp. But one bad joke and one dead world leader later, and sheโ€™s playing shady Vegas bars with junkies in her closet sized dressing room. She needs a different galaxy to restart her career. Gerri Wilder promises to find her love on a new planet. Love? Not interested, but a new audience? That sounds promising.

King Rath is used to people doing what he says. So when he meets sarcasm queen Anna, heโ€™s more than a little clueless on how to handle her. Sheโ€™s his mate and he needs to get her to fall for him. He doesn’t understand half of what she says, but sheโ€™s a spitfire and those curves and her smile are making him question everything he thinks he knows about women. He wants her and will do anything to keep her.

There are forces that donโ€™t want the king and his new mate together. Anna and Rath have to fight unexpected enemies while figuring out if they have a future together. Rath may not understand her humor, but he knows she wants him and he can’t stand the thought of losing her. Can Rath protect her and get her to realize a relationship between wonโ€™t mean the end of her goals?

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