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Milly Taiden

Holiday cheer is in the air, and a famed matchmaker is at it once again…

A Christmas PDA Match unlike any you’ve seen before. It kicks Hallmark in the chestnuts and leaves you full of christmas cheer.

No Time to Scrooge

No Time to Scrooge is now available!

Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 36

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Holiday cheer is in the air, and a famed matchmaker is at it once again…

Charlie Zann is a struggling single mother who is thrilled when Gerri Wilder approaches her with a new job opportunity. That is, until she meets her new boss and realizes he’s way too hot and way too into her. She’s made so many poor relationship choices in the past, but no more. This time she’s focused on her daughter. So she’s not going to pay attention to how gorgeous, kind, funny and sexy as hell Preston is. She’s not. She doesn’t have time to scrooge around.

Preston Cole is a strong and demanding dragon shifter who has lived a long life without ever finding his mate. So when he laid eyes on Charlie, he knew she was his. He’s used to handling hostile takeovers with the companies he buys. But with Charlie comes a daughter that needs a father and a danger he’s not aware of. If he can get his beautiful, curvy, stubborn mate to let him help her, life would be much easier.

But through hot cocoa and ice skating, there’s trouble brewing. Charlie’s ex is back and looking for trouble. Preston won’t let anything happen to his mate and her daughter. He wants to safeguard his girls without being overbearing. It’s a thin line between protective and controlling and he needs to be careful or he’ll lose the only family he’s ever wanted.

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