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The complete Warwick Dragon Series with After the Happily Ever After Special Shorts for Each Couple. Enjoy!

Warwick Dragons Set


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Taming London — Includes a Bonus Slice of Life

London Warwick, dragon shifter and millionaire playboy, has been living a life of debauchery. He has no plans of changing his ways. Not even when his mother, a force of nature, decides he needs to revamp his image before he finds his mate. London has no plans on making things easy for the public relations wiz his mom hired to clean up his image. Not even if she’s his mate.

Loving York — Includes a Bonus Slice of Life

​​​​​​York Warwick, dragon shifter, widower, and owner of the most renowned bank in the world, is adamant that working twenty hours a day is normal. No, he doesn’t need to open his heart to love again, no matter what his meddling mother believes. He’s done with love. So what if he likes spending time with the stunning antique dealer his mom has hired. It’s just because she’s a daredevil in five-inch heels…and his mate.

Romancing Paris — Includes a Bonus Slice of Life

Paris Warwick, dragon shifter and reclusive artist, prefers being alone. No mates, no kids, and barely any friends. It’s all just a distraction from his art. He never goes out to clubs. Ever. Of course, the one night he goes out changes his life. When he sees her. His mate. He knows he can’t walk away from the beautiful Corinne, so he vows to only have one night with her. That’s it. Then it’s back to loneliness, right?

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