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Milly Taiden

What’s a girl to do when she’s tapped out the dating pool on Earth?

Travel with Gerri to Nova Aurora to meet an amazing shifter man, that’s what!

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Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 61

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Lexi’s unlucky in love, a magnet for the men at the bottom of the dating barrel. So when Gerri Wilder tells her there’s another possibility: one that includes fated mates, shifters, and going to an alien planet, even the cynical Lexi thinks it might be her only shot at finding something new.

Rao is the leader of the Shadowed Rock Pride on Nova Aurora. He never asked to be matched by Gerri, but King Alyx didn’t give him a choice. When he meets Lexi he can’t believe the curvy girl is meant to be his. She’s sweet and sassy and he can’t keep his hands away from her.

Lexi thinks Rao is too good to be true. Rao thinks that he doesn’t deserve his own happily ever after and is prepared to be rejected by his fated mate. Can these two broken lovers piece each other’s heart together and become extraordinary together? Or will they both go back to their ordinary lives?

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