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Milly Taiden

Let’s end 2023 with big, hunky aliens: Alien Protector’s Nanny is now available!

Getting the job to care for strange kids enough, but when their father turns out to be a big, hunky alien, things get a lot harder.
Alien Protector's Nanny

ALIEN PROTECTOR’S NANNY is now available!

Alien Needs a Nanny, Book 3

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Compelled by her dwindling bank account, Katie agrees to be a nanny for the niece of a Luxenian military commander. Little Ayla, orphaned and entrusted to her cold and demanding uncle, captures Katie’s heart instantly. Katie’s desire to help the child is made more difficult by Axur’s handsome features and heated looks.

As a general in the Luxenian army, Axur cannot have a family or mate. It is strictly forbidden. Staying away from them isn’t working. He wants something he can’t have. He’s not looking for a family but the new nanny is strong, beautiful and making him become a father to his niece.

Tempers heat as they clash over opposing approaches to parenting, creating a tension that conceals an undeniable attraction beneath the surface. Axur’s an important military general; the planet depends on him. He has to choose. His own happiness or the millions of lives he keeps safe? This is the hardest choice of his life.

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