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Milly Taiden

A New Alien Nanny Romance!

Getting the job to care for strange kids enough, but when their father turns out to be a big, hunky alien, things get a lot harder.
Alien Royal's Nanny

ALIEN ROYAL’S NANNY is now available!

Alien Needs a Nanny, Book 4

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Hired as a tutor and nanny to Prince Maxon’s son, Fiona packs her bags and goes to a planet where the people are every color of the rainbow. But life in the palace is anything but vibrant. The prince is a jerk. A jerk her hormones crave. His sexy body and deep gaze twist her emotions in knots, but she’s not falling for him.

Prince Maxon has been training for the day to take the place of his father as king since birth. Long days of weapons training, war strategizing, and politics have kept him too busy to be a good father or loving partner. He doesn’t have time for the emotions that blossom with beautiful and sweet Fiona. Keeping her at bay is getting harder by the day.

What is it about the beautiful human that stirs his chest like no other? He better figure it out quickly. The enemy is closer to his home than he ever thought. His own life isn’t the only one hanging in the balance. His son and the woman he’s grown to love have become pawns in the games of war and love. Games Maxon has to win.

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