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FEATURE: Redeemed By Rilic by Mychal Daniels

Rilic Release Day Giveaway


Olodian Alien Warrior Romance #4

Avery Chambers just wants to be left alone to do her research and… make history.

As a crew member of the long-term Earth expedition to find Alien Life, Avery is the head botanist and producer of living food for the expedition fleet. When something goes terribly wrong and she’s blamed for contaminating the crew, she must find a way to redeem her work and good name—even if it means accepting the help from a too sexy for his own good god-like Alien, named Rilic.

Warning: This book contains scenes depicting sexual assault and violence.

GET Read the rest »

Giving Thanks for My Niece and Nephew ***WINNER ANNOUNCED***

WINNER IS BROOKE S – I have emailed you!


Today is our last day in a week of being thankful and showing gratitude. It is also our LAST giveaway day for the week.

I am thankful for my niece and nephew. And I want to give you A FINAL chance at a Kindle Fire!!!

These kids came into my life and took over. They are my other kids. I consider them my babies too. They have brought so much love, laughter and joy into my heart I couldn’t explain how much I have changed because of them. They taught … Read the rest »

Giving Thanks for My Mom ***WINNER ANNOUNCED***

CONGRATS Bambi. I have messaged you!


Today I want to show appreciation for the woman who brought me into this world, my mom. And give you ANOTHER chance at a Kindle Fire!!!

My mom is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. She loves her family and will do anything to help them out.

She has always tried her best to be a good mother. To show support. And even when she had no idea what she was doing (she didn’t always speak English) she still knew she’d do anything for me and my sister. So thank … Read the rest »

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! ***WINNER ANNOUNCED***

CONGRATS: Karen Roberts! I have emailed you!


Today’s a very special giveaway because I want to give you all the chance to win a KINDLE FIRE!

And I’ll be celebrating by being thankful for my husband and my son. They make my life crazy but fill it with love and laughter and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love these two. I’ve been married for 15 (LONG) years LOL. Through the ups and downs, sickness and health we have learned to be tighter and closer. And while I joke … Read the rest »

Giving Thanks for My Sister ***WINNER ANNOUNCED***

CONGRATS: Michelle Ferrari-Johnson


My sister and I were raised to be really close. It’s been hard to be so far from her after living so close together most of our lives and in some cases living together. I miss her every day and I love her tons. But it’s only a matter of time before we are together again. My sister has been through everything with me and when i think of someone who’s known me all my life aside from my mom, she’s it. I want to give thanks for my sister. She’s been a great friend, an … Read the rest »


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