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A Mate’s Bite Release Party Winners

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Want to know who won at the pre-party and the release party games? Winners listed below in order of game played and prize to be awarded!

***Party is January 17-19 PRE-PARTY begins January 10th***



Having problems with the form? Email pa.millytaiden@gmail.com with A Mate’s Bite Party Winner in the subject line.

YOU HAVE 48 HRs AFTER THE PARTY IS OVER TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE or your prize is FORFEITED and a new winner will be selected.

 ***PRE-PARTY, FLASH GIVEAWAYS and GRAND PRIZES do not count toward your 3 game wins***

Game #Description Host Prize Winner Name
 Review Winners  Milly  Water Cup

SS Bead Necklace

$15 Amazon GC

 Water Cup – Crystal Newman
SS Bead Necklace – Sonia Forbus
$15 Amazon GC – Theresa Esterline
 AMB Order Winner  Milly  SS Pendant  Jerri Mooring
 Pre-party #0 Milly $50 GC (Cover Contest)  Natalie Walker Idrogo
 Pre-party #1  Iris  Nerd Keychain  Maria Michelle Varley
 Pre-Party #2  Iris  SS Keychain  Julie Cole
 Pre-Party #3  Iris  Nerd Keychain  Tammy Turner
 Pre-Party #4  Iris  Mousepad  Kalli Sisk
 Pre-Party #5  Iris  SS Pendant  Leah Barlow
 Pre-Party #6  Iris  Smut Pack  Amy Hart
 Pre-Party #6.1  Milly  Plastic Quote Cup “reader”  Jill Prandstatter
 Pre-Party #7  Iris  Coffee Travel Cup  Ashley Phillips
 Pre-Party #8  Iris  Mousepad  Paige Helling
 Pre-Party #9  Iris  Nerd Keychain  Karen Branch
 Pre-Party #10  Iris  KOR Water Bottle  Kera Montgomery
 Door Prize  Milly  Nook Simple Touch  Lisa Wohlgamuth
 Game #1  Milly  SS Key Pendant  Nereida Nunez
 Game #2  Milly  ebook- Friends with Benefits (Anne Lange)  Barb Hicks
 Game #3  Milly  Messenger Bag  DeAnna Knope
 Game #4  Julie  KOR Water Bottle  Iris Pross
 Game #5  Julie  Smut Pack  Cody Smith-Candelaria
 Game #6  Julie  SS Pendant  Cody Smith-Candelaria
 Game #7  Jen  Smut Pack  Nereida Nunez
 Game #8  Jen  ebook – Big Bad Bite (Jessie Lane)  Sheri Spell
 Game #9  Jen  Coffee Travel Cup  Beth Kennedy
 Flash Giveaway #1  Iris  SS Pendant  Tina Brimlow
 Game #10  Barb  Nerd Purse Charm  Amy Smith Bostelman
 Game #11  Barb  ebook – Luca’s Magic Embrace (Kym Grosso)  Brenda Steele
 Game #12  Barb  Tote  Kristin Marie
 Game #13  Jen  ebook – A Shard of Ice (Alivia Anders)  Mary Lou PagePrincess Moench
 Flash Giveaway #2  Iris  SS Key Pendant  Danielle Petersen
 Game #14  Jen  Mousepad  Patti McKenna
 Game #15  Jen  SS Pendant  Mary Lou PagePrincess Moench
 Game #16  Iris  Nerd Keychain  Cindy Mucha Barton
 Game #17  Iris  SS Scent Bead Necklace  Bambi Lovesmily Fogleman
 Game #18  Iris  Smut Pack  Heather Way
 Game #19  Sheri  JJ Bookthong  Kelsey Terhune
 Game #20  Sheri  ebook – Winner’s Choice (S.A. Price)  Kelsey Terhune
 Milly Chat #22  Milly  Messenger Bag  Jennifer Wedmore
 Milly Chat #22  Milly  ebook – Winner’s Choice (Cynnara Tregarth) – Nerd Keychain  Bambi Lovesmily Fogleman
 Milly Chat #22  Milly $10 GC  Teracia Loretan
 Milly Chat #22  Milly  Tote  Patti McKenna
 Game #21  Sheri  SS Key Pendant  Iris Pross
 Game #23  Jen  eBook – N. Kuhn  Kristin Marie
 Game #24  Jen  JJ Bookthong  Jessica Parsons
 Game #25  Jen  Samsung Galaxy S4 Cover  Kim Engstrom
 Game #26  Iris  Smut Pack  Kristin Marie *3rd Win*
 Game #27  Iris  Coffee Travel Cup  Jen Sapa
 Game #28  Iris  KOR Water bottle  Andrew Kuligowski
 Game #29  Barbie  SS Keychain  Lea Goad
 Game #30  Barbie  ebook – Winner’s Choice (Cynnara Tregarth)  Jessica ParsonsJan Murphree
 Game #31  Barbie  SS Key Pendant  Patti McKenna
 Game #32  Julie  Smut Pack  Tammy Turner
 Game #33  Julie  SS Pendant  Jennifer Wedmore
 Game #34  Julie  Tote  Barb Hicks
 Flash Giveaway #3  Iris  Mousepad  Shawndra Dias
 Game #35  Iris  ebook – No Way Out (Allie K. Adams)  Ashley Renee Phillips
 Game #36  Iris  SS Key Pendant  Tammy Turner
 Game #37  Iris  Mousepad  Theresa EsterlineKera Montgomery
 Game #38  Sheri  ebook – Hollow’s End (Marianne Morea)  Zee Hayat
 Game #39  Sheri  Smut Pack  Tera Wardrip
 Game #40  Sheri  Messenger Bag  Patti McKenna *3rd win*
 Game #41  Jen  JJ Bracelet Earring Set  Amber Turner
 Flash Giveaway #4  Iris  ebook – Sex, Wolves and Rock and Roll (Mina Carter)  Elizabeth St. John
 Game # 42  Jen  ebook – Knight after Night (Jackie Ivie)  Tammy Turner *3rd Win*
 Game #43  Jen  SS Pendant  Kimberly Talbot
 Game #44  Sheri  ebook – Tempting the Manny (Lacey Wolfe)  Lori Johnson
 Game #45  Sheri  SS Keychain  Kimberly Talbot
 Game #46  Sheri  Purse Charm  Dana Marie
 Game #47  Iris  SS Pendant  Amber Turner
 Game #48  Iris  JJ Bookthong  D’ebook Sharing
 Flash Giveaway #5  Iris  Surprise Cup  Samantha Harlow
 Game #49  Iris  Coffee Travel Cup  Kelsey Terhune
 Game #50  Iris  Smut Pack  Tonda Pasowicz
 Consolation Prizes #1  Milly  KB Club Duo – ebook set  Danielle Petersen

Julie Cole

Lee Todd

Bambi Lovessmily Fogleman

Pam Eveland

Maria Michelle Varley

 Consolation Prizes #2  Milly  JJ Bookthong  Kelly Scott

Shandi Leonard

Michelle Willms

Laurie Johnson

Lisa Wohlgamuth

Nereida Nunez

 Consolation Prizes #3  Milly  Smut Pack  Jan Murphree
Shawndra Dias
Jacklynn Sizemore
Cynnara Tregarth
Ann Tracy
 4th Grand Prize  Milly  Nerd Accessories – Bookmark set
Nerd Accessories – Bracelet
Wine Charms – 2 per set
Jen James Bookmarks
Stone Soup Pendant
 Shadow Kohler
 3rd Grand Prize Milly   Stone Soup Pendant
Super Swag Pack
Mouse pad
Jen James Bookthong
Nerd Accessories – Bookmark set
Nerd Accessories – Keychain
Wine Charms
 DeAnna Knope
 2nd Grand Prize #1  Milly  Tote Bag
Smut Pack
Jen James Bookthong
Stone Soup Pendant
Nerd Accessories – Keychain
Nerd Accessories – Purse Charm
Water Cup “Reader”
 Zee Hayat
 2nd Grand Prize #2  Milly  Messenger Bag
Smut Pack
Jen James Bracelet
Stone Soup Pendant
Stone Soup Keychain
Travel Coffee Mug
Nerd Accessories – Purse Charm
Jen James Bookthong
 Barbara Burdette
Gold Grand Prize  Milly  Messenger Bag
Coffee Travel Mug
Tote Bag
Smut Pack
Mouse pad
Blue Bead Bracelet
SS Key Pendant
SS Bead Necklace
KOR Water bottle
$25 Amazon GC
 Teracia Loretan

One comment to “A Mate’s Bite Release Party Winners”

  1. Jean Moretto
      · January 20th, 2014 at 12:02 am · Link

    Congratulations everyone! :-)


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