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Modern Twist Fairytales: Special Edition Bundle with Character Interviews

Modern Twist Fairytales

Modern Twist Fairytales

Special Edition Bundle with Character Interviews

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Her Fairytale Wolf

Isabel Lassiter knows with the right opportunity her custom couture could rule Tinsel Town. Instead, she’s tied to a boss she both hates and pities, waiting for her chance shine. Lonely, she waits for the right someone to notice and sweep her off her feet.

Zander Petrov has Hollywood and the city of Los Angeles at his feet. Still, he’s never forgotten his shifter roots or his duty to his clan. He knows he must mate, but in his glittering world a genuine mate is hard to find. The search continues until the day he meets Isabel in this modern twist on a favorite fairytale.

A chance meeting opens the door for everything this Cinderella wants and more, but jealousy and betrayal nearly snatch the happily ever after from her hands. What they didn’t count on was a Prince Charming with a bite.

* * *

The Wolf’s Dream Mate

Nicknamed the big bad wolf, Dr. Paxton Noble is notorious for his bedside manner, but this sexy shifter’s life is turned upside side the moment an unidentified woman is rushed through his emergency room doors. Something about the woman’s scent stirs more than just his sex drive. She stirs his wolf. Compelled to figure out why, he’s obsessed, not only with the case but how to wake her from her mysterious sleep.

Evelyn Grisham is no princess, but the unsuspecting woman is a pawn in a game that’s left her prone and comatose. Attacked, this feisty cat isn’t taken down by a finger prick on a spinning wheel, but a syringe filled with venom, and her handsome prince is the doctor who has to figure out how to save her. The twist? Hot and heavy dreams with a lot of paranormal steam in this very modern take on the tale of Sleeping Beauty!

* * *

Her Winter Wolves

Grace Snow is a marketing genius and the heir to Snow Industries, a cosmetics conglomerate. Looking to bring the company into the 21st century isn’t as simple as she wishes. Not with her stepmother making every move a tug-of-war. Grace’s new app, Mirror-Mirror, can rebrand them as fresh and new for a younger generation. That’s only if she can keep her stepmother and her vindictiveness away from her plans. Good luck with that!

Wolf shifter, Adam Hunt, has been the company’s Head of Security since Grace was a teen. Hired to look after Gracie’s well-being, he’s crossed the evil stepmother one too many times and now she’s blackmailing him to do her bidding. What she doesn’t know is he’s the Omega of his pack, and together he and their Alpha, Zach Cassidy, will protect and defend Grace even at the cost of their own lives.

Grace is their mate. The one destined to complete their Triad. She has no idea that she’s about to become part of the sexiest relationship of her life. Jealousy and greed push her stepmother to get rid of Grace. Gracie might not be ready for what’s coming her way—not the two sexiest men she’ll ever want—or the poison conjured by her stepmother, but she knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to fight.

Includes fun Character Interviews at the end!

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