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Milly Taiden

Alpha Geek: Bennett is out TODAY!!!!
Alpha Geek: Bennett

Alpha Geek: Bennett

Alpha Geeks #5

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Tiger shifter Dakota Alcott’s entire life is one series of adventures. She calls them adventures to feel better about all of her failures. The truth is, she is looking for her place. Her people. Herself. When she interviews for Nick Milan’s protection company, she has hope that this might be it.

Awkward genius Bennett Huxx has more degrees and Ph.Ds than he has had girlfriends — and sexual experiences, but he isn’t going to think about that just now. He needs to focus on the shifter serum his friend Gray needs help with. He won’t be distracted by the beautiful bodyguard Gray hired to keep an eye on him. Or so he thinks. But Dakota is way too enticing to be resisted.

When a mysterious band of men attacks Bennett and Dakota to get to the serum, a decision has to be made to save his life. Gawky Bennett is replaced by one sexy shifter. He wants to protect Dakota, but as it turns out? The feisty tigress just might save him.

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