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Milly Taiden

Meet Alpha Geek: Ryan!

A lioness rescued from an underground ring takes on a whole new opponent: a sexy geek she just can’t resist.

Alpha Geek: Ryan

Alpha Geek: Ryan is now available!

Alpha Geek, Book 13

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Alpha Geek: Wilder is also available in print.

Nikita is struggling to adapt to her new life now that she’s started working for Nick’s protection agency. She meets her match when she falls for Ryan, a skinny geek with a heart of gold who’s trying to find his lost friend. But can she stop every part of her body from jumping him before they find his friend?

Ryan’s friend is in trouble, and he’s the only one who can help him! With the help of whoever Nick assigns as his bodyguard, of course. He’s instantly attracted to Nikita, and they turn out to be the perfect pair. But what will Nick think when Nikita has to use the secret serum, and Ryan wakes up forever changed?

Their adventure at sea will take them to a mysterious island to face a madman, where their strength will be tested. Can this lioness protect her geek turned dragon and save the day with him at her side?

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