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Milly Taiden

A dragon shifter from Nova Aurora goes to Earth to meet his one-and-only!

Flame Difference

Flame Difference is now available!

Paranormal Dating Agency, Book 55

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Azura Morrow is failing as a caretaker. Her family’s estate is in shambles, and her little brother is close to being thrown in jail as a juvenile delinquent. Just when she thinks her luck is running out, she meets Gerri Wilder, who wants to help turn things around.

Onyx is a dragon shifter from Nova Aurora. While he’s in no hurry to find his mate, his friends have convinced him to speak to Gerri Wilder. When she finally calls to let him know she’s found his mate, Onyx must put aside his doubts and go to Earth to meet his one-and-only. The moment he sets eyes on the curvy beauty, Onyx knows that he’ll never be the same. And he’ll never be able to live without her.

Too bad he quickly learns that this Earthling won’t make any time for love while she’s trying to keep her brother on the straight and narrow. The dragon will have to find a way to get the boy in line so he can romance the sister and persuade her to stay with him on his alien planet or lose his chance at happiness…forever.

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