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Milly Taiden

Who’s ready for more mobster shifters?

Book 3 in the Mob Ties Shifter Romance Series is LIVE!

One Last Bite

One Last Bite is now available!

Mob Ties, Book 3

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Krystallo’s the deadliest hitman the Moretti family has ever had. He knows his job and he does it without any problems or even a bit of conscience. Nobody harms his family and survives. When the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen suddenly comes into his life, he wants her. Her angelic face calls to his animal and he’s ready to keep her, no matter who it pisses off.

To keep her father out of prison, Regina agreed to go undercover for the FBI to get information on the Moretti family. Luckily, she met a slightly intimidating, but cute, guy named Krys. She might not know anything about the mafia, but how hard can it be to play the girlfriend role? It’s oh, so much harder when Krys looks at her like she’s his everything.

The stakes are high and it’s only a matter of time before Krys finds out Regina’s working with the feds. They might not get a chance to figure out their relationship if she gets killed for being undercover. Krys might have to turn on his family in order to keep the first woman he’s ever loved.

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