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Milly Taiden

Falling in love while hunting down a murderer wasn’t part of the plan…

Wolf Hunter's Moon

WOLF HUNTER’S MOON is now available!

Blood Moon Wolves, Book 3

Kindle: US | CAN | UK | AUS
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Caroline Knight, proud podcaster and mystery-solver, is on the strangest case of her career. Two ancient vases were stolen, and their owners were brutally murdered. When her life is threatened, she knows she is on to something. Meeting a man so hot he makes her knees buckle is definitely not what she expected while crime-solving.

The last thing wolf shifter Ryland Wolverton wants is a complication. His life is busy enough running the International Crime Unit of his family’s company, Blood Moon Agency. He doesn’t need a mate to be satisfied. Especially not a beautiful, sassy and strong-minded podcaster who gets herself into trouble.

The second Caroline flies into his life everything changes. Ryland doesn’t want a mate, but he doesn’t want to lose Caroline either. Falling in love while hunting down a murderer wasn’t part of the plan. The wolf and the podcaster might be together forever … unless their love is cut short by unknown enemies.

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