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Milly Taiden

The Half Bloods are back!
Blood Saved

BLOOD SAVED is now available!

The Half Bloods, Book 3

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Wolf alpha Atlas Silvers doesn’t want a mate. He wants to run his pack. That’s it. An easy, complication-free life. That peace is ripped apart by Half-Blood sisters, and Atlas doesn’t like them much. More trouble than they’re worth!

Enter Lilliane Longborn. She is everything Atlas doesn’t want. She’s trouble and complicated. She’s beautiful, and he wants her more than he should. The Half-Blood is…of all things…his mate. What’s a wolf to do? Let her fall victim to her vampire stalker?

Nope. Atlas is willing to put it all on the line for the woman he can’t let himself want. He’ll save her and send her packing. Easier that way. Or so he would like to believe. Love is a powerful force, and soon, Atlas realizes he will never be able to let his fated mate walk out of his life. But it may be too late for them.

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