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Milly Taiden
Writing…writing…writing LOL

So if you read Sharp Change, you’ll find some very fun and interesting characters on there. One of them is my sexy werewolf Riel. His story is what I’m currently working on. Can’t wait to see it through and give him his HEA. He’s been waiting too long for his mate.

On another note, my awesome editor has her hands full with all the stuff I keep sending. I swear she’s going to send me an email soon saying ‘please take a breather and let me catch up’ lol. I can’t help it. I love to write and want everyone to read my stuff.

I want to get all these ideas on paper and move on to the next. I think my next story should be something light and fun. Hmm let me go through my outlines and pick one LOL.

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Another Acceptance

Hey All!

So another story is going to get published. I’m on a roll! It’s super exciting to know that my work is not just good enough for me to read. Go figure LOL. I can’t wait to see these both for sale.

Sharp Change will be sometime this summer and Mr. Buff will be in the fall.

I am so excited I’m bouncing off the walls!

Can’t wait to have a cover photo to post…waiting on a super amazing cover artist.

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YAY! Story Getting Published

So, I recently heard back from a publisher about one of my many submissions. They want to publish it! Hooray! I’m sure it’s going to be a while before it’s out, but this is so awesome! I can’t wait to show off the cover and let everyone know when it will be available for sale.

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