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Milly Taiden
Sharp Change Release Day – Contest! Winners Announced!!!

Hi All!

In honor of Sharp Change’s release today, we’ll be having a contest all weekend.

Giveaway: 1 $25 Amazon.com Gift Card, 3 Tote Bags w/ Sharp Change cover photo.

4 winners will be announced by Monday morning.

Tote bag winners:  Diamond, Ivetsy, Carol, Jhody and a bonus bag goes to Crystal

Amazon.com GC: Carrie

I will contact each of you via email. Congratulations!

Thank you all for participating!!! It was great fun to see what movies others enjoy to scare them. I will have future contests and hope others join in.

I’m not sure if you are aware, but I am BIG horror movie fan. I mean hubby and I can watch that ALL the time! We are already making plans to go see the Possession in hopes it will scare us. Anything scary, creepy or involving aliens? We’re there. So, with that in mind (and the fact Sharp Change has to do with my favorite shifters, Werewolves) I am having a contest. This contest is easy. All you have to do is comment telling me what your favorite scary movie is.

My all time favorite is Aliens. Although, Pitch Black is a high second, because of that sexy strapping Vin Diesel, but Aliens will always come on top.

There’s humor and action and a rambo-like Ripley. It ROCKS!

So, for a chance to win 1 $25 amazon.com gift card or a tote bag with Sharp Change cover, tell us your favorite scary movie.

Buy Sharp Change NOW – amazon.com

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Guest Post: Assassin Mine

Guest Post: Cynthia Sax and Assassin Mine

Today I have the fantastic Cynthia Sax visiting. She’s got a great love for Aliens and is the third of our crazy trio (Mina Carter being the other) Once you read one of Cynthia’s stories you will be hooked! She has such a talent for writing amazing hot heroes that leave you panting for more… Take it away Cyn!

A Fierce Love

Milly and I share a lot of things. We both have crazy senses of humor. We both love with abundance. We both lust after Vin Diesel.

I especially lust after him when he plays Riddick, the Furyan mercenary, the last of his kind. I love that type of hard, cynical tough hero, the man who insists he doesn’t love or care for anyone. When he meets that special woman, that one female who ‘gets’ him, he fights his attraction as fiercely as he fights the rules around him.

You and I both know that once he accepts this love, he’ll also fight to keep it, not allowing anyone or anything to harm his woman. There are no limits to what he would do to keep her safe. He’d kill for her, die for her.

THAT is damn sexy. I like to think my salesman hubby would do the same for me (though he is more likely to do battle with words than with other weapons).

Darius, the Balazoid assassin in Assassin Mine, is that type of hero. He doesn’t want to feel anything for Sabria. He certainly doesn’t want to love her. Loving her is dangerous and risky and forbidden, yet it is inevitable because the more he fights his feelings, the more he cares.

And when Darius falls in love, boy, oh, boy, does he fall hard. There is no rule he won’t break to keep her by his side.



 Darius, a Balazoid assassin, lives a solitary life structured by rigid rules. Nothing is more forbidden than his sexual attraction to Sabria, a sultry human female. Yet she’s all he thinks about. One kiss, one touch, one heart-stopping encounter in a darkened alleyway isn’t enough to satisfy his unnatural obsession. Breaking every rule on both of their planets, Darius captures Sabria and takes her for his breeder.


Sabria takes one look at Darius and she knows she’ll have him…multiple times, in all sorts of positions. She’ll voyage to the end of the known universes to prove she’s the only breeder he’ll ever desire, blazing his notions of how a female should behave.

 Because the only force fiercer than a Balazoid assassin is a woman’s lust.


Buy Link:



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Mr. Buff Cover Reveal

Here’s the new cover for my next book!!!! It’s under my second name: April Angel. This story is awesome! A sexy woman and a dominant male. Coming in a few months!


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Some Men Look Good No Matter Their Age…







Today I want to talk about aging and men. Some men age so beautifully it can really piss a woman off. I mean we’re using creams, lotions and all kinds of crap to try to stay younger or at least age gracefully and these guys just look fantastic no matter what!

Take for example George Clooney

Look at him as a young man















Now look at his sexy ass as an older man…









 Then we have Pierce Brosnan… Check this  sexy man out!









You think that’s hot? Check this next one of an older Pierce out!


  But wait! There’s more…

 Bruce Willis? Oh my goodness…




Nice Right?





But wait…


Look at this one below!










Last but not least…

Liam Neeson for my good friend Mina…

Younger Liam


So HOT!!!











But Older Liam?


  So this just goes to prove that I’m right! No matter what age, some men are just drool-worthy and look FANTASTIC!

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Darkness Shared

Join Me…

Let me lick a trail from your sexy mouth down your jaw to your chest. Let me flick my tongue on your nipple and make you groan. Let my nails rake down your chest and imprint what’s mine. Let my body rub over yours in preparation for our mating. Let’s strip. Of our clothes, our inhibitions and any masks we show the world. Let’s be ourselves with each other. The real you, the real me. Let’s allow our connection to expand until we are bound by more than our bodies. Kiss me. Own me. I’m yours. For every swipe of your tongue is a brand stating your possesion of my body, my mind, my soul. Make love to me. Rock my foundation until it crumbles and I am forced to rebuild with your help. Make it so that the new me is stronger because you’re a part of me. Help me do the same for you. Allow me to release you from your dark prison. But don’t worry, I will leash you if I have to. Give me the chance to care for your lonely soul. Believe that we can make something new, beautiful, amazing- together. The world is at our feet and our bodies our vessels to create new hope. Surprise me, open your heart and allow me to fill it with my essence. It’s only fair. You’ve filled my emptiness with hope. Hope that together we can be invincible in the fight against the void. I am yours, no other can own what’s already taken. And when it’s all said and done…we are one and the same. Others cannot breathe our air, understand our plight or survive our differences. We are the ones who reach out and grasp at the darkness with both hands. We own the night…

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