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Milly Taiden
Sexy State of Mind

Sexy State of Mind!


As I was growing up, my weight fluctuated so much my parents never knew what size to buy me. When I hit nineteen I was in the slimmer phase. I ended up feeling really sexy. I met my husband and got ‘comfortable’. What that means is I gained weight. A LOT. I’ve heard that the happier a person is in a relationship, the easier it is to let themselves go…boy was that true for me.

Thankfully, my husband has always been very clear about loving me no matter what I weigh or what size I am. God bless that man! I gained weight, and felt not so sexy any more. It took years for me to realize that I was still the same person with or without the extra weight. I could be sexy and that’s when the light bulb moment happened. Why was I letting myself become insecure over some extra pounds? Sexiness does not happen because of your weight, body shape or size. It is something inside you that says: HEY! I’m HOT! Yeah, that’s right.

I see women in the street all the time that exude this confidence and this sex appeal. Big women, small women, short, tall, you name it I’ve seen it. So why not me? There was nothing holding me back. A few years back I was back at the lost weight part of my life. Then it slowly crept back, as it always did. But this time, I didn’t let it change my attitude. I still did my hair, nails and made myself pretty. Because I felt pretty.  I felt sexy and I wanted to look it. Sometimes we need to remember that under the extra weight, or whatever other physical attribute you have that makes you uncomfortable, you’re still the same person you were without it.

So I’m in the in between stage right now. Not so slim, not so big. But it no longer matters. I don’t need to be small to feel pretty, to feel sexy and to become the ultimate seductress in bed. I’ve grown through the years I’ve been married. He’s helped me see that I don’t need to be shy because I’ve gained weight or to push him away because I felt fat. Sexy is all about perception. It’s all a state of mind. What you believe is what people see.

Be confident. Let the sexy siren in you out. Having a partner that loves you no matter what makes it that much easier. But if you don’t have that then be the one there to love yourself no matter what.


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Promoting Harem Mistress by Mina Carter


Today I am helping promote a great book I read Harem Mistress by Mina Carter. What a great story!!!

You’re welcome to send me your own info and I’ll promote you here on my blog as well.

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Keep Striving… Let Fear Go!

For years I have given people the advice to strive for their hopes and dreams, to not give up. But I didn’t necessarily follow my own advice. It took one very persistent sister and one caring husband to get me to finally follow my own dreams. Why do we do that to ourselves? We’re so good at giving others advice but can’t listen to our own words. Good advice or not, we seem to draw a blank on listening to ourselves.

My advice today is to stop being scared. Yes, scared. It’s fear that keeps us from doing the things we really want in life. Whether it’s a new job, to talk to that person we’ve wanted to, to wear that dress because of what others might say or even to give your opinion so others don’t know what you think.

Life is about taking risks, chances and hopefully one or all will pan out for you. If it doesn’t at least you tried. If it does then you keep doing new things, that lead you down the road and closer to that goal.

It won’t always work out, no. But at least you can say you tried. Afterwards you will be ready to move on to the next thing and let it go. In life there are the doers and the followers. Do you know which kind you are? Doers are the people that achieve goals while the followers are the ones wondering how they did it.

Don’t be a follower, don’t wait and don’t be afraid. Life is only one. Live it. Enjoy it. And don’t regret a minute of it.

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Writing…writing…writing LOL

So if you read Sharp Change, you’ll find some very fun and interesting characters on there. One of them is my sexy werewolf Riel. His story is what I’m currently working on. Can’t wait to see it through and give him his HEA. He’s been waiting too long for his mate.

On another note, my awesome editor has her hands full with all the stuff I keep sending. I swear she’s going to send me an email soon saying ‘please take a breather and let me catch up’ lol. I can’t help it. I love to write and want everyone to read my stuff.

I want to get all these ideas on paper and move on to the next. I think my next story should be something light and fun. Hmm let me go through my outlines and pick one LOL.

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Another Acceptance

Hey All!

So another story is going to get published. I’m on a roll! It’s super exciting to know that my work is not just good enough for me to read. Go figure LOL. I can’t wait to see these both for sale.

Sharp Change will be sometime this summer and Mr. Buff will be in the fall.

I am so excited I’m bouncing off the walls!

Can’t wait to have a cover photo to post…waiting on a super amazing cover artist.

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