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Are you partying like it’s 1999? 31 Days of Christmas

31dayslogo2014 has been an awesome year. THANK YOU to all you fabulous reader’s. Without you, I couldn’t do all that I do.  Have a very Happy, and safe, New Years.  What plans do you have?  No matter what, please remember to be responsible and if you’re drinking, have a DD.  I want to see all your lovely faces in 2015. *hugs* HNY

scentofamate_audioAll who comment will be entered to #win the final daily contest–and we’re going out with a bang. Today’s prize is a copy of Scent of a Mate.  And it’s also the last day to enter to win the grand prize…a Kindle Voyager or $199 gift card.  Make sure to stop by all mine & Mina Carter‘s post to enter! All winners announced on January 4.
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Favorite holiday food (31 Days of Christmas)

31dayslogoAs the holidays start coming to an end, a lot of us begin to think about New Year’s resolutions…which usually include losing weight.  Over the holidays, I know I eat a lot more than normal.  Some of the foods my family traditionally fixes are coquito (Puerto Rican eggnog) you can find the recipe online.As well as pernil (roast pork) and other Hispanic dishes like potato salad.  And cookies…cannot forget the cookies! I love the holiday food and spending time with family.

What are some of YOUR favorites? Did you moderate or gorge out this year? Let me know and 1 lucky person will #win a signed sports pack.  


Have you entered for the grand prize–a Kindle Voyager or $199 gift card? Make sure you also stop over and say hi to Mina Carter.  All winners announced January 4.

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Giving back–do you volunteer or donate to charity? 31 Days of Christmas

31dayslogoThe holidays are a great time, and provide many opportunities to give back to your community: The Salvation Army always has people out with the cans & bells, Toys for Tots, Angel Trees, helping out at local shelters (volunteering to help serve meals, etc), donations to food banks.  You name something, and there’s a good bet you can either volunteer to help or give a donation.

I like to take my son shopping and pick out a toy…or several…to donate to Toys for Tots (and bonus for me…hot fireman for eye candy lol!). We talk about the organization and what they do, so he knows that the toys go to a child who may not have many toys or get much for Christmas. I find it very important to teach him the importance of giving back and this is a way for us to have fun doing it.

swagHow do you give back? Comment below for a chance to #win a fun swag pack.  And don’t forget to enter for the grand prize—a Kindle Voyager or $199 gift card.  Make sure to stop by & give Mina Carter some love, too.  All winners announced on January 4.

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MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 31 Days of Christmas


Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!


SMomnibusMy gift to 1 lucky winner is a copy of the Sassy Mates omnibus.  To enter, comment below with how you spend Christmas day. And don’t forget to stop by Mina Carter‘s blog and enter daily to win the grand prize–a Kindle Voyager or $199gift card. Winners of all contests announced January 4.
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History of Santa Claus (St. Nicholas). 31 Days of Christmas

31dayslogoWowza, Christmas is almost here. Tomorrow my son, and lots of other small children around the world, will eagerly wait for Santa Claus to come and deliver presents.  But, do you know the origin of Santa Claus?  Per, legend has it that it started with a person in Holland, St. Nicholas aka Sinter Klaas, who reportedly gave all his wealth away and traveled around the country to help the sick and poor. As time passed, St. Nicholas became one of the most popular saints in Holland and he became known as the protector saint of children and sailors. It is big tradition in Holland to celebrate St. Nicholas around December 6, which is when St. Nicholas died.

santaEventually, the legend made it’s way to America in the late 1700s, with the help of Washington Irving and some news reporters. In 1804, the New York Historical Society gave out wood carvings of St. Nicholas, which had carvings of toys and stockings–which have now become the famous hallmark of Santa Claus.

For a complete history on Sinter Klaas/Santa Claus, visit,  the source of the information provided in this post.

31dayssportspackIsn’t that a neat legend?  When did you learn that Santa Claus, as we know him today, wasn’t “real”—there was no jolly man in a red suit who traveled all across the world in a magic sleigh guided by flying reindeer delivering gifts to “good” boys & girls?  Comment below for a chance to #win a signed sports pack.

Don’t forget to stop by Mina Carter‘s blog, too, for all the 31 Days of Christmas fun and enter the #giveaway for a brand new Kindle Voyager (or $199 gift card). Winners from all giveaways will be announced on January 4, 2015.

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