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Milly Taiden
Cover Reveal – Caged Heat

Hello my wonderful friends and fans!

How are you all doing today? Ready to check out the latest addition to my cover candy?

Today I am shamelessly showing off the newest in my Black Meadow Pack Series – Caged Heat – Book 2



Lovely readers, I present to you Caged Heat:



Everyone has a bit of a beast inside…

After five years traveling through third world countries to teach impoverished children, Samira Suarez has returned home to Black Meadows. What Sam didn’t expect was to be instantly overwhelmed by the desire to be with the one man she’s wanted since she was a teen, Riel Karven.

Riel has been patiently waiting for Sam’s return. For five long years he’s backed off and watched her come and go. This is it. His mate is back and he’s taking a stand.

Sam’s need for Ry grows to unimaginable proportions. It’s almost as if she were in heat. But she’s a human…isn’t she?

There’s more at stake than Sam and Ry’s future relationship when she inherits her grandmother’s estate. One of her many relatives wants her out of the way.

It’s going to take all of Ry’s determination and help from his friends to keep her alive.  And it’s going to take delving into her past to find out why a human is going into mating heat.



Meet Sam and Ry

Character Profile Sam

Character Profile Ry


Caged Heat will be coming to you…

March 1st


Now let’s take you back to book 1 – Sharp Change. The story of the pack alpha, Chase and his mate Sophia.


Sharp Change

MT_Sharp Change
Only the hottest sex can cool a wolf in heat…
After her sister is bitten by a werewolf, geneticist Sophia Reece begins researching shape-shifters and isolates a gene she calls Furry Beast—FB for short. But in her excitement over her discovery—dancing in the lab is never a good idea—she has a teeny little accident with the samples, one canine, one feline, and winds up landing on the syringes, pointy side up.Werewolf Chase is head over heels in lust with Sophia. He can’t stop thinking about the human’s sexy body or how badly he wants to get her naked. But she acts as if he has fleas. So why, all of a sudden, does she stare at him like a wolf in heat? And what smells like cat?When she experiences her first mating heat, Sophia isn’t prepared for the new feelings she’s experiencing, and her secret desire for Chase refuses to remain under wraps. For Chase, this is his wildest fantasy come true—to finally get his hands on the curvy, caramel-skinned Latina. But when some serious predators come sniffing around her research, Sophia will have to find out what she’s really made of, and Chase will have to decide if he’s man—or wolf—enough to make things permanent…

Buy Sharp Change Amazon






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Terrific Quote Tuesday



Welcome to Terrific Quote Tuesday!

I am sharing picks from my Sexy Biters for you to read. These are from my books so feel free to check each of them out! Enjoy

Thanks to my Sexy Biters for their suggested quotes: Jennifer, Sheri, Iris, Michelle and Brooklyn


“Chase’s look was hot, wicked, and not appropriate for minors.”

~Sharp Change~ 

 “When she bent over to arrange the bag on top of the larger suitcase, he got a glimpse of full breasts straining the low neckline of the small stop. Jesus. She had a rack that could make a newborn smile with delight.”

~Stranded Temptation~

“Just because you like nerdy stuff doesn’t make you a bad match.”

~Wicked Valentine~

 “The man had so much sex appeal her girl parts were ready to lift a white flag in surrender just by looking at him. Even thinking of him made her tongue wag. Seeing him was like having your favorite dessert and knowing you couldn’t eat it.”

~Sharp Change~

She frowned, clearly confused. Then she glared. “Hey, hotshot, you done ogling?”

Interest had his own brows rising. “Are you?”

~Wynter’s Captive~

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Guest Blog & Giveaway – Hunger Embraced – Jennifer James

Welcome lovely readers!

Today I have a sweet deal for you guys. The lovely Jennifer James is visiting!!!

Jennifer writes fun, snarky, super sexy stories with heroines that don’t pull any punches. Go ahead and check out Jennifer’s books!

Today she’s giving you a bit of her latest release Hunger Embraced AND also having a giveaway she’s sharing here.

So check it out!




She’s fed up with being fed on.

All Miranda Thibodeaux really wants to do is survive corporate hell and be left alone. But as the daughter of the Incubi king, being left alone isn’t on her schedule. And as an avatar to a goddess with multiple personality issues, taking things in stride isn’t either.

Daniel looks like an ordinary surfer boy–T. T. B.–Tall, Tanned, and Blonde. Hot he may be, but ordinary he’s not. Beneath the pretty packaging lies a ruthless warrior, a servant to the Vampire Council. His mission is to find Miranda and present her to the council, then get the hell out of Dodge before he loses his focus. The last thing he needs is the distraction of the testy female.

When circumstances force Miranda to turn to T.T.B. for help, they both end up with more than they bargained for. And that normal human life she wanted? Not really doable when everyone wants a piece of her…






“Kneel down. Please.”

I lowered myself to my knees in the water. It came up over my breasts, and I tried to formulate an argument for why this would never work if he was going to wash my back. He knelt next to the tub before I came up with something and began to lather the washcloth. Gripping my left shoulder with one hand, he moved his right over my upper back and shoulder blades with a thoroughness that left me aching. He scrubbed across my lower back, being careful to never dip too low. I fought the temptation to stand up again so he’d have to touch my ass, but the man was a masterful masseuse. Relaxation spread through every muscle he caressed and stroked.

“What do I have to do to get you to rub my whole body like that?”

He stilled and leaned in close to my ear. The tickle of his breath against my neck and earlobe gave me chills when he finally spoke. “Perhaps if you would behave I could be persuaded.”

“Perhaps I would behave if you would stop being so damned stubborn.”

I reached up and around to grab the back of his head with my right hand and pressed my fingers into the soft hair at the nape of his neck. I liked the texture of it when I ran my hand upward, against the grain. He drew lazy circles on my shoulder with his thumb. I turned my head and caught his lips in the barest whisper of a kiss, a light, teasing brush I followed by running the tip of my tongue along the lower.

Both of his hands were on my shoulders, running down to my biceps and back up. It was all the encouragement I needed to kiss him harder. I took his lip between my teeth and bit it before licking the hurt away. One or both of us groaned the moment before his bare chest collided with my back. The bunch of curls in the center of his chest grazed my skin. He leaned into the kiss, biting down and grazing my mouth with the barest hint of fang. He was careful not to cut me, teasing with the sharp tips, and sucking my tongue.

He held me in place when I tried to turn around. Frustration built, and I chafed my thighs together. I was so exhilarated by the intimate, slow sharing that I’d take it any way I could get it.

He retreated and held me at arm’s length. “I must go.” But he sat there, still rubbing my shoulders and upper arms, staring at my mouth as though it held the answers of the universe.

“Mmmm.” I tugged at his left hand until he gave in and took the index finger between my lips. I licked the digit from base to tip and then sucked it hard before releasing it with a light pop. He shook his head as though dazed and staggered to his feet.

“This is dangerous. This is crazy. I must leave before—” An erection strained the front of his pants.

“Before what, T.T.B.? Before you give in to what you want?” I stood up, and he spun back around. I liked the way his eyes raked me from top to bottom and hinged on my breasts before he could meet my eyes again. “Before we have sex again? Before you face your feelings?”

“I cannot, Miranda. No matter how much I want you. I would give up and destroy anything, everything for you. I would forsake every vow, tear apart the bricks of the temples of every god known to existence. It is not, you are not, meant for one such as me.” His voice broke on the words, and his shoulders rose and fell. In a flash of blurred motion he moved to the far side of the room.

Screw that.


Jennifer_James_ Swag Pack



a Rafflecopter giveaway

Buy Links:

Amazon           All Romance Ebooks              Barnes and Noble


Jennifer_James author photo

Meet Jennifer:

Jennifer James never thought she would be a multi-published author of erotica and erotic romance. What she likes best are happy endings – whatever that might mean for the characters. Wife, mother of two Tiny Divas, and college student, when not writing Jenn enjoys the outdoors, adventures of all sorts, horror movies, and the occasional comic book.



Follow Jennifer:

Website           FaceBook       GoodReads    Twitter       Love Scenes and Wet Dreams 



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SPS: Party Crasher

A bit of Party Crasher. Coming 2/22!!!


In stupefied shock, she watched his bronzed muscles flex as he took a step toward her. She widened her eyes and almost fell out the window trying to move away. She’d known him all her life, and there wasn’t one time she’d seen him look like…like that.
Stunned, dry mouthed, and getting hornier by the minute, she let her gaze roam over him. From the wet short spikes of his dark hair, to his wide chest, down the eight-pack abs, and lower to the precarious towel that showed a hint of pubic hair, she visually devoured him. She gulped.





Take a minute to read about my latest Sizzling Encounters – Wicked Valentine 


Wicked Valentine


Who knew being wicked could be this fun?

Maxwell Stone has wanted Sabrina for over a year. But Nina’s the ultimate professional and has no intention of getting involved. That is, until the night she gets a little tipsy and finds herself begging for his touch.

After an intense night of making Nina’s sexual fantasies come true, Max finds he doesn’t want to let her go. Nina wants Maxwell too, but she won’t put her job on the line for any man. She loves the passion they shared, but when she’s invited to the Wicked Valentine Ball, she decides it’s time to put Max out of her mind. Of course, the last thing she expects is for him to be her escort. And she doesn’t expect to find someone else trying to keep them apart. Permanently…

Reader Discretion Advised: Contains hot sex in public, binding, and dirty talking.


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Cover Reveal – Party Crasher & Giveaway ***WINNER***

It’s Cover Reveal Day! And what’s a new cover without a giveaway? LOL

 **WINNER IS HEATHER! Sending you an email Heather!**

Cover candy. It’s the things that make us say ‘oooooh’ or ‘eh’. A combination of a good cover and an interesting blurb can make anyone want to read a book. As an erotic romance writer, covers are very important to me, because they need to show the reader some of the sexiness that’s happening inside the book. I love when I get a new cover and it brings a smile to my face. I have been lucky thus far and have great covers. Just take a look at the one for Wynter’s Captive or Wicked Valentine. Stranded Temptation has such great colors as does Fate’s Wish. But even further back to Sharp Change, you see the amazing work the artist did to create a captivating cover. I think one of the things I like is not having covers that look like anyone else’s. I know there’s limited amount of stock, but I don’t want to be a repeat offender to the same cover. It’s kind of sad that you sometimes see a lot of books with the same cover. I like to have a cover that can capture attention and isn’t going to remind readers of a different author’s book. I can’t wait to show off my cover for Caged Heat. The story alone makes me smile and you’ll love the cover. It’s being revealed on 2/21. The day before my sexy Party Crasher is up for sale.

And without further ado… Here is Party Crasher!


Coming to you 2/22 (ONE WEEK) from April Angel 



 Being nosy can be delightfully satisfying…

Chris wants a story. One that will make her crash her brother’s best friend- her biggest nemesis -Drex’s party. So how does she end up tied to a bed, in his room, asking him to do some mind blowing things to her?

When Drex stops seeing Chris as his brother’s kid sister and more as the woman he wants and can finally have, things get really interesting. But after the party, someone wants her out of the way.

He isn’t willing to risk her life and she isn’t willing to risk her heart. Will he find a way to keep her alive and make her realize they belong together?




Have you checked out my facebook pageCome over and have fun with the rest of my friends.


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  • Share my cover reveal. However you choose to do it it’s fine (Facebook, Pin, Tweet, etc) and just come back and tell me what you did.

  • Leave a comment and be sure to leave your email :D

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